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Now the season can feature not just anticipation for the birth of Brie's first child, but plenty of planning for Nikki's wedding, in addition to promotion for Cena's upcoming film "Ferdinand" and Bryan's role as general manager of WWE's Smack Down Live.

It’s been less than one month since Nikki Bella and John Cena got engaged — and they’re already planning their wedding!

' and she said, 'Yes.' I was overjoyed." John also admitted that "the day she said 'yes' when I asked her out on a date" was the moment he knew everything between them was about to change.

John Cena and Nikki Bella shared an iconic Wrestle Mania moment Sunday in Orlando, as Cena dropped to one knee and finally popped the question to his longtime girlfriend. As a matter of fact, I told a story before I proposed to Nicole about… And I make a joke because I know when they put you under anesthesia you’ve got like 20 minutes where you’re out of it, but you can talk and you don’t remember what’s going on.

reported that Kenny Dykstra aired all the dirty laundry while Mickie James and John Cena remained silent.

According to Dykstra, he learned that Mickie was cheating with John Cena thanks to a Google search outing the relationship, and James admitted to it.

"I do want to get married and I want to have kids — and I want to have all that with John.

According to Mickie James, who is now married to former TNA Impact Wrestling superstar Nick “Magnus” Aldis, there are no problems from her side of things concerning the John Cena controversy.

James was engaged to Spirit Squad member Kenny Dykstra.

“To be quite honest with you, Nicole has taught me a lot about what she believes the union between two people is and she’s made me a believer out of it,” the 16-time WWE champ gushed.

“That’s certainly why I did what I did at Wrestlemania, and I know how important the day is to her and that’s not to say it’s not important to me — it’s very important to me.” — and even though John seemed to be very adamant in his decision not to remarry, Nikki hoped that one day he would change his mind. I respect his decision right now because I’m happy,” Nikki said on the show.

Bella accepted Cena's proposal, and the two are planning a Summer Slam wedding.

OK, just kidding on that last part, but it's possible that the Wrestle Mania proposal will make an appearance on the next season of "Total Bellas," the reality TV series focused on the lives of Nikki and her twin sister, Brie. spin-off from WWE reality series "Total Divas" is scheduled to debut later this year and will feature Cena and Nikki moving in with Brie and her husband, former WWE champion Daniel Bryan.