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In part one of this series on the Sales Funnel, I related my story of becoming a customer of the Double Your Dating information product business, and how I experienced the sales funnel used by David De Angelo, to sell his dating products.The sales funnel is a systematic marketing process where you progressively filter your prospects into customers and further refine them into customers.Your customer base becomes smaller and your profits increase as you sell higher priced items to your hyper-responsives in the back end of your sales funnel.Before any of this can happen, at the top of the funnel you need to attract prospects, and it’s at this point where your marketing creativity can really shine. probably helped more men around the world how to be successful in dating than anyone else.Millions of men have read my newsletters, watched my videos and purchased my books and dating success programs.”“Even though I had as many dates as I wanted (and occasionally a relationship that lasted a year or two) it just didn’t seem like it was ever going to really happen for me.Afterwards, several people hung around to discuss the ideas I shared.

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In the “old days” leads were generated via methods like banners and newsletter advertising, which are still common marketing tools today, but are now joined by more sophisticated options such as pay per click advertising, social media, blogging, podcasting and other Web 2.0 tools and toys.

I had actually “accepted” that I was probably going to be single forever…” This is a unique and powerful book.

It is a record of a series of conversations with Christopher Howard on masculinity, sex, addiction and relationships.

He mentions the need for guys to go out and practice the attraction skills he teaches.

Many guys seeking advice from him are intelligent, but smart can be dumb.