Is shia labeouf dating isabel lucas

Shia La Beouf is doing well following his recent car accident and resulting hand surgery according to Isabel Lucas, his co-star in “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.”“We’re both fine and Shia’s fine as well,” Lucas told on the red carpet at Hayden Panettiere’s Whaleman Foundation Benefit at Beso in Hollywood on Sunday.

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The Los Angeles County Sheriff's department charged La Beouf, 22, with a misdemeanor DUI, and the actor could face another misdemeanor charge depending on the results of his blood-alcohol test.

In a recent interview, La Beouf discussed his struggles with alcohol as well as his family's predisposition for addiction.

Pojawił się także w jednym z odcinków sitcomu NBC Karolina w mieście (Caroline in the City, 1998).

Stał się znany wśród młodych widzów po zagraniu roli Louisa Stevensa w serialu Disney Channel Świat nonsensów u Stevensów (Even Stevens, 2000-2003), za którą później był dwukrotnie nominowany do Young Artist Award (2000-2001) i zdobył nagrodę Emmy Daytime (2003).