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Well that question prompted me to write this blog post. NET AJAX is a complete development tool set for developing web sites or web apps based on ASP. We also provide you with nearly 15 themes out of the box.

So if you are one of those who get the exact question in your mind about our controls, then do read on. If this excites you, check out the product page here: NET AJAX Controls Help Documentation Options: Lets spend a moment here to understand the help options. NET AJAX we have the following resources: For this blog post I will consider the “Online Help” option and point you to resources there. Navigating Help Documentation: If you are starting new on a specific control, first thing you should do is to head over to the help documentation and get to the section which deals with the control you want work with.

Now, whenever I try to edit rows of data returned to my Data Table, I get a Read Only Exception thrown that was not thrown before.

Thanks Sorry if I wasnt clear but that wasnt the answer I was looking for. My when I bind the Data Table to the combobox, and if the index is changed, How do I get the Data Row back without using any other global temporary datatable variable to refer the position. Attributes in the Selected Index Changed() event, but I really would like to have access to the complete . Regards, Arnstein Note the way Rad Combo Box Item is retrieved. Another important issue is that the Selected Index Changed event does not fire unless the Auto Post Back property is True - more about this topic find in this article.

Overview: Recently when talking to one of our clients, I had a question from them.

They said your demos are great and covers most of the scenarios but when I take a particular control lets say Grid, how do I get started. NET AJAX contains nearly 70 controls and helps you in rapid UI development.

For simplicity here, I used "John Doe" in my example code below to demonstrate my point.

@jp2code You can probably create a new Table and copy just the data without the schema info.

Radgrid sqldatasource not updating